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2009 - Glory Chuku - NIGERIA


Winning my national title has been a great privilege for me. It has given me the opportunity to learn about the diverse cultures that exist in my country. It has also helped me to serve my people, by lending a helping hand in the fight against the high rate of child mortality. Being a lover of children, the topic of child mortality is one I hold very close to my heart.

During the course of my reign so far, I was brought face to face with the devastating effects of various sicknesses and disease that have resulted in the high rate of child mortality in my country. Approximately eight hundred and thirty four thousand children died last year alone from preventable causes including mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS, malaria, cholera and malnutrition.

With the help of my friends, I formed a foundation whose main aim is to reduce the high rate of child mortality in my country and improve the welfare of the children. Once permission was granted from the appropriate authorities, we began creating awareness and raising funds and as a result of generous donation we were able to raise a large amount of money. Through this, I have been able to donate food and medicine to institutions that cater for the children. I also went a step further to initiate the rehabilitation of the emergency children’s ward in the local medical centres to a level that would actually encourage and support the recuperation of children brought in.

As the representative (in my national competition) of the state that ranks the third highest in child mortality (Nassarawa state), I felt the need to travel there and give a helping hand in the fight against child mortality. I visited the medical centre there and offered food items to convalescing patients. I also donated delivery kits to help expecting mothers give their unborn children safe passage into the world. Being a highly rural community many of them could not afford these items and they were overwhelmed by the gesture.

We discovered a rural community (called Gazaki in the outskirts of my country’s capital), laden with the problem of high child mortality. In conjunction with a Non-Governmental Organisation we provided them with mosquito nets, and anti-malaria medication (as our research had shown that malaria had a very high occurrence there). I decided to make an impact there by educating them on how they could protect their young ones from the ailments that were affecting them. I showed them practical ways to make the best nutritional value of the food resources available to them. A brief lecture was also given to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS; while a team of trained personnel were on hand to offer HIV/AIDS tests and counselling. To reduce the occurrence of cholera in that community I demonstrated ways in which they could get clean and safe water with the aid of the water cleaning reagents we provided for them.

To further raise awareness on child mortality, I engaged in a strategic media campaign tagged “Save the Future”.

I would say that nothing compares to the reward of seeing smiles restored to the face of people, a flicker of hope in their eyes, the innocent laughter of a child...They are the future. But of course, the work is far from over. Looking ahead, I hope to see a day when the high incidence of maternal and child mortality becomes a thing of the past. This is my dream. This is my beauty. This is my purpose.


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