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Accompanied by ten contestants, reigning Miss World Kaiane Aldorino took much needed aid relief to some of the people most affected by the recent rainfall on Hainan island.

The home to Miss World in China for many years and host to this year’s 60th anniversary Final, the tropical island paradise of Hainan has seen the worst rainfall for decades with floods resulting in homes being destroyed and even loss of life.

The contestants visited the grief-stricken town of Qiong Zhong, the third largest area in the Hainan province, said to be the poorest region, with a population of just 216,000.  They heard Mayor Wang tell of how 12 families living downstream were rescued that day from their homes that had already been destroyed by the floods.  Still more wait for urgent relief from rescue services. 

Joining Miss World to hand out the first batch of relief supplies were Scotland, United States, China PR, France, Slovakia, Russia, Australia, Vietnam, Venezuela and Botswana. Together they started the distribution of ten tonnes of rice and five tonnes of cooking oil to some of the families and individuals most affected.  Today’s relief, including a cheque for 300,000 RMB, was supported by the RAAS Group who work to produce and distribute blood antigens.

A recent Beauty With A Purpose charity auction of items donated by the Miss World contestants raised two million RMB on the night in Shanghai.  Thanks to some generous donations, the total has since been swelled to an incredible eight million RMB (£750,000) for Hainan relief.

Miss World chairman Mrs Julia Morley told the Mayor:  “We were very sorry to hear about the big problem you are having with the flooding.  We send our love on behalf of all the nations around the world.  We hope that by our supporting the RAAS Group and their warm hearts, we can bring love and hope to you.”

Botswana commented: “When driving here I saw many fields flooded, destroying the crops and livelihoods of whole families. The people of Hainan have welcomed us most warmly. We have come here to show our support at this time when these people are most in need.”

Slovakia added: “With our visit we are not just bringing much needed supplies, but most importantly giving the people hope during the worst period in their lives. We want the world to know what is happening here.”

Venezuela said:  “To see where I money goes, to witness the good that can be done, that is such a special feeling for me.  I was overwhelmed by what we heard and saw but happy to know that we could make a difference.”

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