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Beauty with a Purpose

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Asides from the glamorous receptions, welcome ceremonies, A-list events, and gala dinners, the essence of Miss World and the reason why all the contestants are here lies in Beauty With a Purpose, Miss World’s core philosophy, and today the contestants were reminded of this with a meaningful trip to a local orphanage.

Miss World - Orphanage visit, SanyaMiss World embracing an orphan upon arrival

The orphanage, which was originally bought as a house by Miss World Chairman, Julia Morley, was converted into an orphanage for local children after Julia saw the demand for safe, clean, and prosperous housing for orphaned children. 24 contestants, who were chosen because of their medical & child welfare backgrounds, generously donated gifts and clothing to the children and were greeted with cries of joy and awe.

Denmark - Orphanage visit - SanyaDenmark lets a blind child 'see' her face

The visit proved exceptionally touching for some of the contestants who struggled to hold back tears as they interacted with Sanya’s children in need.

Bosnia & Herzegovina - Orphanage visit - SanyaBosnia & Herzegovina holding a young baby orphan

Miss Bosnia and Herzegovina, upon holding one of the children, broke down in tears, sharing with our reporter “I have never been so happy to see children and their smiling faces before in my life. I only hope that soon a change comes for them and they can live the life they always wanted.”

Nigeria, Hungary, Mongolia, Iceland, Curcao, Indonesia - Orphanage visit - Sanya : The contestants dance with the children

Miss Scotland, who struggles with a life altering medical condition, told us, “Having been diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 13, which was a huge struggle for me and my family to overcome, being here has made me realize that my problems are not that bad. Before they came to this orphanage, these kids didn’t have a place to call home and that is something no child should ever have to face.”

Mexico - Orphanage visit - SanyaMexico playing with the orphans

Miss Mexico, who initially could not communicate with the children due to language barriers, later got on so well with one child who had a speech disability. She said, “I love this child so much and I can feel his joy and warmth even if he couldn’t say anything. It was a deeply humbling experience and I don’t want to leave.”

Gift giving - Orphanage visit - SanyaPresenting gifts to the orphanage

Russia, Gibraltar, Vice Mayor - Orphanage visit - SanyaRussia shakes hand with the Vice Mayor of Sanya

Beauty with a Purpose was established in 1972 and has raised hundreds of millions of pounds for notable charities across the globe. It is also a key fast track event at Miss World and awards the contestant with the most relevant and important charity project in her nation.

Stay tuned for the live final to see who wins Miss World 2015 Beauty with a Purpose. The contestants projects will become available to view online later this week.

Click here for the full photo album of the visit to the orphanage

Special Features

Each week, BWP will present a new in-depth report on one of the many charity projects worldwide that has benefitted from the work of Julia Morley and the support of Beauty with a Purpose. Keep watching this space for more details on these special features.

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