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Beauty with a Purpose

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I believe the transition from youth to becoming a responsible adult is phase in life easy for no one. Decisions, actions, and experiences during this time will shape whom you want to be in the future. Unfortunately, our aspirations do not entirely depend on us. For young Mongolians, access to education, social standing, and financial resources often determine the future. One particularly affected group are the many orphans of Mongolia. Often invisible to society, youth living in state orphanages have the same dreams and aspirations as everyone else – yet many more challenges to overcome along the way.

 Being a young adolescent myself, I know about the importance of having someone whom listens to you, whom can give you advice, or offer a helping hand at times. In Mongolia, the state no longer takes responsibility once orphans turn 18 years old. Experience shows that many of them struggle to stand on their own feet, often without anyone helping them to make the right decisions. Alcoholism, sexual violence, and suicide rates at alarming rates are the very sad results.

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Five years ago, me and a group of volunteers, initiated the ‘Brothers-Sisters’ mentor program to support the young orphans. The program is not about teaching them lessons or providing them with monetary support, but rather forming long-term bonds, a spiritual family, whom orphans can rely on when there is no other constant. This is when I met my younger sister Baigal. Born in prison, raised in an orphanage, Baigal was full of doubts about her life and the future. We started talking, sharing our experiences. She wanted to become a designer, I was able to tell her about my experience in modelling and marketing. She started visiting my home, she met my mother. I am very proud that Baigal has become my younger sister since, a part of my family. Baigal is full of life, incredibly smart. She does not want to be a designer anymore now, but is studying in the university to become a lawyer. Baigal is just one of the more than 100 kids our program has connected over the last five years. To think that I was making a small contribution to changing the life of so many kids for the better makes me incredible proud.

It is a great chance for me as this year’s Miss World Mongolia to not only celebrate the 5-year anniversary of our project, but also make it a decisive turning-point for the next five years to come. We will not only celebrate the anniversary in style with all the mentors, kids and an attractive program with music, dance, and magician – but also strongly believe the Miss World brand and Bela (Bayartsetseg Altangerel) as its ambassador will allow us to reach broader circles of supporters and tap into significant sources for funding necessary to allow for the program to grow in a responsible manner and reach our goals.

We are focusing in particular on three distinct fields of engagement which we hope to enable by means of the Beauty with a Purpose project: (1) Connect 50 children with 50 mentors and improve the quality of guidance. Improve our match-making mechanism and organize more experience-sharing and training events to sustain good quality support. (2) Include a job-opportunity component. We are currently establishing partnerships with companies from different sectors whom are willing to introduce their fields and answer questions. We hope to provide internships to orphans in the future through this program. (3) Increase national outreach beyond Ulaanbaatar and explore possibilities to set-up the ‘Brothers-Sisters Program’ in other cities around Mongolia. A pilot-project for this is already running in Kharkhorum.

Sometimes it is the smallest thought, gesture, or action which makes the greatest difference. Wherever you are, there is someone whom searches for your guidance, a role-model, and sometimes just a smile or a friendly word on the street. It is this experience I want to share with the world for my ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ (BWAP) project – and I hope to inspire young and old around the world to take a moment to think about the ways they may be able to make the world a better place.

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Each week, BWP will present a new in-depth report on one of the many charity projects worldwide that has benefitted from the work of Julia Morley and the support of Beauty with a Purpose. Keep watching this space for more details on these special features.

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