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Miss World Megan Young has had a busy weekend working alongside the Red Cross, travelling to regions across the Philippines which have been left devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.

Accompanying Red Cross Philippines Chairman Richard Gordon and a team of volunteers, Megan visited several locations to take part in food distribution efforts, play therapy sessions with young children and volunteering at field hospitals and health care units, setup as part of relief operations.

Megan helping with food distribution, Ormoc

An continuous stream of supplies is needed to provide food and materials for those affected by the storm

On Saturday, Megan travelled from Cebu to Estancia, Iloilo, where she took part in serving hot meals to 2000 local residents, before going on a field visit in the local area. She then travelled to Loon, Bohol where she took part in distributing essential non-food supplies. In the evening Megan continued onto the Red Cross Loon Field Hospital, where further hot meals were distributed and time spent with those recovering after the Typhoon.

Above & Below: Filipino children in Cebu show their appreciation for UK Newspaper The Sun's campaign to provide aid for the Philippines

Working with the Red Cross, Megan has been getting involved with every aspect of the Red Cross Relief efforts, bringing comfort and support to everyone struggling to restart their life after the typhoon. The distribution of food and supplies is obviously one of the most vital aspect of the operations, until the supply routes and outlets which have been broken by the storm can be repaired and restored.

Megan with members of the hardworking Red Cross team

Young Filipino's join the Red Cross, volunteering to help support those in need.

Another aspect of the Red Cross relief efforts is raising the morale of the people, and caring for those most vulnerable, including children who have lost their families. Taking part in play therapy sessions with children was one of the most rewarding aspects of the visit for Megan, who really enjoyed spending time with the children, raising their spirits and giving them hope for the future.

Megan spends time in the Red Cross field hospital

After weeks of fundraising it has been an emotional yet rewarding visit for Megan, who returns to her nation having helped raise substantial funds around the world to help her country. You can read more about Megans experiences in her Miss World Diary, coming up later today.

For more photos from Megan’s time with the Red Cross, click here.

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