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Beauty with a Purpose

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Beauty with a Purpose is committed to making a difference in Haiti. Through simple but vital measures Beauty with a Purpose is starting to turn the tide against disease, poverty, infant mortality and water deprivation, but there is still plenty more to do.

Last month’s fact finding mission to Haiti really brought home the need for a resolution to the crisis of clean drinking water. Because of this, Beauty with a Purpose has started a new initiative in Pestel, the Filter Fund. The distribution of the population as well as poor transport links mean that some areas will always be long distances from fresh water even with well drilling, and will often rely upon dirty & contaminated sources.

The answer is Ceramic Water Filters.

These water filters are easy to use, easy to clean, and can turn dirty water into safe drinkable water for a whole family. Producible in developing countries and using low tech purification technology, these kits are completely sustainable and effective in areas like Pestel.


For approximately $50 we can purchase and deliver a brand new filter kit, which will provide fresh water for one household for up to five years.

The fund was kick started by John Ratcliff CBE and his wife Marsha Radcliff with an initial donation of £1000, enough to buy 31 kits, which will provide water for the next five years for over 180 villagers of Pestel.

John Ratcliff is the chairman of the Ratcliff Group which manufactures commercial vehicle tail lifts, and has been a member of the Variety Club of Great Britain since 1976. A former chairman of the Sunshine Coach Committee, he is a renowned philanthropist with extensive history in making a difference to underprivileged children’s lives and he is now throwing his full support behind Beauty with a Purpose.

Speaking about the Project Mr. Ratcliff said:

“We are effectively buying 30 families 5 years of drinkable water, a vital lifeline for the people of Pestel. Beauty with a Purpose uses 100% of the money to purchase these kits, it’s a unique charity in that it deducts no money in costs, and it’s my pleasure to be the first contributor to this inspiring project.”


It is our hope to provide every household in Pestel with a filter kit. 15,000 filter kits would supply drinkable water for the entire region. With your help we hope we want to reach this target as quick as possible and continue to save lives in Haiti and make a real lasting change to such a stricken community, who show true strength and resilience when faced with such dire consequences.

Beauty with a Purpose will be going back to Haiti soon to deliver as many filter kits as possible, bought with funds raised by our Miss World contestants, and from generous donations made by caring individuals across the World.


If you want to help donate whatever you can to the Beauty with a Purpose charity click here, stating that you wish the funds to go towards the Filter Fund.

100% of your donations go straight to the cause.

We have no administration costs, no deductions, just 100% direct to those that need it the most.

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Each week, BWP will present a new in-depth report on one of the many charity projects worldwide that has benefitted from the work of Julia Morley and the support of Beauty with a Purpose. Keep watching this space for more details on these special features.

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