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200 years ago a Nation of Slaves in the Caribbean were granted freedom by their European masters.

It was a moment that defined the lives of millions of people for more than two centuries. The new free nation of Haiti traded their spiritual and political freedom for the type of financial ruin that exceeds one hundred fold any modern day Greek tragedy.

The equivalent of $120 billion was levied as a tax on the country, with no options or rights of appeal to either Washington or Brussels. The freedoms granted by France to Haiti two centuries ago mortally wounded every citizen, tethering each and every one of them to a mortgage on their country and their children. To repay its enforced mortgage, Haiti was stripped of all its financial assets and more than 80% of all its natural resources. The open wounds are still there for all of us to see today.

In more recent times, Haiti has endured unimaginable suffering as its free and proud people have encountered wave after wave of political, economic and natural disaster without any of the modern day protections that are afforded on western democracies.

To complete their turmoil and torture a horrific earthquake ripped the guts out of the country. Over 300,000 dead and 1.5 million injured. The fragile infrastructure fractured beyond repair.

From the ruins came a world united in grief with offers of support and aid to heal the sick and build a new Haiti; A free country not only in ideology and spirit, but a financially free country with a modern infrastructure. Three years ago this was the promise from the world to end the centuries of suffering.
This promise must be kept.

We cannot allow it to be derailed by the rogue "inbetweeners" who parasitically prey on every morsel or by some politicians who value only themselves and their positions. There are many great organisations and leaders in Haiti who alongside their thousands of volunteer heroes are creating a better future for the people.

The good and the great need to be identified and supported.

The rogues and scoundrels must be exposed and expelled.

The Good & The Great


Dr. Seneque is the Regional Health Director for all of Pestel. He has an old clinic that is in great need of improvements and supplies. What you can see in the pictures is all that he has available. The clinic is in dire need of medicines, medical equipment, new beds, and a proper facility to be able to serve the community in the way that it deserves. Dr. Seneque continues to serve the poor throughout the area, and while he has opportunity to work elsewhere, Pestel is his home.


This remarkable man holds the life of 100,000 people in his hands. He is a medical martyr to his people. The only doctor, he runs an eight room run down ill equipped clinic serving over 100,000 patients against a tide of the worst diseases and conditions known to man.

He needs urgent help and he needs it now.

A clean new hospital with modern equipment and trained staff to deal with the many casualties of daily life is essential. In the meantime one doctor is all the protection these people can hope for in a country ravaged by disease, famine and poverty.


This is a Cholera tent. The hole drilled in the bed is necessary due to the wave upon wave of uncontrollable diarrhea that will hit Cholera’s victims. Without immediate treatment death will quickly follow. It is a nasty indiscriminate killer that spreads faster and kills more people than nearly any disease known to man, yet it is completely preventable.

Sister Jo and Sister Fidelis are part of the Thriving Villages Organisation. Sister Fidelis is the Director of the Sylvania Franciscan Haiti Mission.


They are in their mid sixties, and don't know how much longer they can continue training the local people to one day take over their duties. Sister Vicky, another aid worker has just arrived from Pennsylvania, a bridge between USA and Haiti.

Their main goal is community health, nutrition, and economic development in the region, including the creation of micro industries. Sister Fidelis left her job in the USA to carry out this mission.

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Each week, BWP will present a new in-depth report on one of the many charity projects worldwide that has benefitted from the work of Julia Morley and the support of Beauty with a Purpose. Keep watching this space for more details on these special features.

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