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Beauty with a Purpose

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Davia Chambers at the Home in Love

2010 - Davia Chambers - TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

Habitat for Humanity

The basic right to human dignity includes shelter. All 15 Miss T&T World delegates volunteered with Habitat for Humanity as part of their drive to give back and to make a positive difference in their communities. Although she was the last of the 15 to enter the national contest, in the ensuing months and in the weeks since being crowned Miss T&T World 2010, Davia has given her time and effort to the Habitat mission, which is to work in partnership with people everywhere, from all walks of life, to develop communities by building decent homes for families in need.

Since May, Habitat for Humanity, in conjunction with Miss Trinidad and Tobago World started and completed homes for two remarkable families; raised thousands of dollars through a gala fashion show and a hunger banquet and sourced funding for projects that will enable other families to experience home ownership for the first time.

From foundation to finish Davia worked alongside other volunteers to give families in need real homes with real walls and kitchens and bedrooms and doors and windows and a fence and a roof but most importantly, that sense of belonging and security that comes from owning your own home. The Miss World Trinidad and Tobago Organisation also started a food drive as was able to collect over 2000 canned food items for distribution to new home owners.

Davia continues to act as a spokesperson for the charity, voicing radio and television ads promoting the work of Habitat for Humanity in Trinidad and Tobago. She has also continued to volunteer in the field, getting her hands dirty, mixing cement and plastering walls; bending steel and cutting lumber - building stronger communities and changing lives, brick by brick.

The Syl Phil's Home in Love

One project which is close to Davia's heart is the Syl Phil's Home in Love which is the oldest home for displaced, abandoned and abused children on the island of Tobago. Using her title and the platform it afforded her, Davia was able to get sponsors and volunteers involved with building a new shelter to house the institution's 24 residents. The Syl Phil's home was founded by Sylvia Phillips and is now managed by her daughter, Susan Phillips-Jacks. Before leaving for China Davia was able to get the foundation of the new home laid and threw a gala banquet (which she was instrumental in organizing) was able to raise over $10,000 to assist with the home's completion. It is Davia's wish that the construction of this new and permanent home in Lambeau be finished in time for Christmas. Davia's official entry into Miss World's 2010 "Beauty with a Purpose" segment highlights the work of Phil's Home In Love. When she returns from China, Davia intends on getting involved with further charitable activities to source additional funding for the home and its occupants.

Jayden Pierre

Jayden Pierre is the third beneficiary of Davia's "Beauty with a Purpose" drive. Jayden was born with severe meningitis which resulted in a life threatening condition. Jayden, at just 5 years old, had already undergone several emergency surgeris when his plight was brought to Davia's attention. Emergency funding was needed for Jayden's continuing treatments and for cerebral shunts. It is not known exactly how many people in Trinidad and Tobago suffer from similar conditions as many of them choose to suffer in silence. Part proceeds from Davia's gala banquet and fundraiser in Tobago were earmarked for Jayden Pierre but unfortunately, the morning following the event she received the sad news that young Jayden had lost his battle. Jayden now becomes the inspiration for Davia's continuing efforts to raise awareness and much needed funding for others who are similarly affected. Davia's efforts at Miss World 2010 will now be dedicated to Jayden's memory.

"I truly believe that every little we can do can have an impact and change lives in a positive way. 'Beauty with a Purpose' doesn't always have to be about raising millions of dollars; sometimes it can be about touching one life by sharing a smile, holding a hand or giving a word of encouragement to someone truly in need. If we all believe that we can make a difference, we will make this world a better place for this generation and for future generations." - Davia Chambers

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