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Daniela Darmanin represented Malta at Miss World 2012. For her Beauty With a Purpose project, Daniela worked to raise the profile of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. She spent time with sufferers of the disease, took part in fundraising activities, and helped in the effort to reach the ultimate goal of a cure for CF. Below is her Project.

Everyone celebrates life aiming to achieve prosperity, beauty, and astonishing results. While all eyes focus on glamour and style, amongst us there are few whose eyes glisten at the notion of a cure; a cure for cystic fibrosis is the dream of many parents, including Josette Falswan, mother of Francesca.

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CF is a genetic disease affecting the immune system due to harmful bacteria colonies and excess mucus in ones lungs. Miss World Malta, Daniela Darmanin, is not a mother, but she got absorbed by the emotional suffering of many, knowing that their child is living on a time ticking bomb. While time goes by we can either stand still or else create awareness to find a cure. Danielle catches up with Josette Falswan, helping us come to terms with what living with CF is all about.

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Josette Falswan “First of all well done Daniela, for representing Malta, at the Miss World Final.
Cystic Fibrosis is a condition that affects my daughter Francesca who is 11 years old. There is no cure for it at the moment, but a cure for it is very very close. For the past 6 years we have been fundraising. In total we have raised about £160k and all the money goes to the UK for a cure. As you can see children or young adults with CF like Francesca, on the outside they look like perfectly healthy children but unfortunately the damage is all on the inside. It affects the lungs and the pancreas. The lungs get full of mucus and obviously they deteriorate, and the pancreas doesn’t work. Although cases vary, daily routines are needed to keep healthy. Francesca wakes up for 10 minutes of physio, followed by the nebulizer for 10 minutes, she takes antibiotics too. Every time she eats she has to take pills, she has to take up to 30 a day. These are to replace the fat that her body is unable to produce, and also a lot of vitamins and enzymes that her body cannot produce. The routine we do in the morning is repeated in the evening. It’s not easy having CF, but we are very positive that a cure is very close now.”

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Many sufferers don’t live past the age of 30. CF sufferers depend on an intake of 30-80 pills a day. Francesca is no exception; but she is determined to celebrate life. Your awareness, is her achievement.


Francesca Falswan“I have a very normal life, it’s just that you have to have a routine every day. It doesn’t take much to get used to it, it’s just every day we have to take some medications and use the nebulizer, and hopefully they will find a cure and everyone with CF including me will be able to live a very normal life.”

Living a very normal life is a celebration, let us all celebrate.

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