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Hello! My name is Yana Dobrovolskaya and this past April I won the title of “Miss Russia”.
The final part of the competition was not easy for me. At the same time, the village of Ishim, located in the center of Siberia, faced the strongest natural disaster in fifty years. Water was coming thirty centimeters per hour. Nearly one thousand five hundred families lost their homes. Instantly, the natural disaster changed the people’s lives dramatically.
The government did all that it could: evacuating people and animals, providing new, comfortable living spaces for those whose houses couldn’t be restored. However, I couldn’t just stand on sidelines.
The people’s stories touched my heart. I decided to gather a team of volunteers who were ready to help and get involved.
I didn’t expect that so many people would respond and volunteer.
Many times our team went to Ishim, the town where the disaster struck.
Other Russian citizens followed our example, too. The restoration work continued for several months. To date, we have helped more than one hundred families, and we are not stopping here!
Some people, especially single mothers, the elderly, and people with disabilities, are unable to cope by themselves.
During the flood, this school was shown on all Russian TV-channels. The water had reached the level of the windows. Today, children are able to study here, but there is still some water…

I will always remember the stories of all the people we helped; they have become close to me. I have a strong wish to do_a miracle for them, one that will make their faces light up with smiles.
For example, there is a story about a woman named Natalia. The floods destroyed her home and she had to send her children to stay somewhere else temporarily. It seemed impossible for her, a single mother, to restore her home by herself. Together with volunteers and the town administration, we
рипэд the floors and walls and installed new windows. The old furniture was also replaced with new one.
There is nothing extraordinary about my actions. We are ordinary people! We are just not indifferent to the suffering of others. Every day someone is in need of help.

Don’t wait for a moment to help…


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Each week, BWP will present a new in-depth report on one of the many charity projects worldwide that has benefitted from the work of Julia Morley and the support of Beauty with a Purpose. Keep watching this space for more details on these special features.

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