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2009 - Lisa-Marie Kohrs - UNITED STATES

Agua Para La Vida has a success record in building and maintaining water systems that is unmatched.  So far, 60 villages have been provided with these services, and there is a long waiting list.  Funding is desperately needed to provide more villages with clean water. Because of APLV’s success, this has become the model that other organizations worldwide are looking to as an example. People everywhere are talking about H20, but Agua Para la Vida has done way more than talk. 

The success of the organization can be seen as the weight of the babies steadily increases after the water system has been completed. The results are amazing. It is a miracle to see so many babies saved, and the smiles on their mother’s faces. Action Not Words is the slogan applicable here. Agua Para La Vida gets the job done village by village. First Nicaragua, then the world.

I wanted to become involved with an organization that directs all their time and funds to their cause.  All funds raised by APLV are used on the water projects and for educating children, training engineers, and protecting watersheds.  Paying for materials and employing the local population uses almost every cent. There is no corruption and no channeling of funds to line the pockets of executives.

The main goal is to help as many people as we can. It would be great if it were possible to impact everyone in the world at the same time lacking clean water. People always want to do things on a large scale. But we have learned over time how to do this, and so far, the village-by-village method has been very successful in Nicaragua. This is why APLV’s method has so much potential. Even in places like Haiti and Africa, where the geography may not allow for gravity-powered water infrastructures, the principles of involving indigenous families, setting up engineering schools for both men and women, and teaching sanitation can be adapted to any water system.

I love that while saving the lives of infants, babies and young children, we are also empowering women by educating them so that they can be employed in water technology and education.  Installing the water systems is just the first step. This is a success story that has not yet been widely told. That is my job, and that is why I am here.

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