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Beauty with a Purpose

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Claudine Book represented United States at Miss World 2012. For her Beauty with a Purpose project, Claudine presented a passionate video about her life up until now. In her words, here is Claudine’s Beauty with a Purpose.

Hi, i’m Claudine, and I’m representing the United States at Miss World 2012. The Miss World Organisation brings together some of the most incredible young women from across the globe with the goal of helping and improving the lives of others. This is also known as Beauty with a Purpose.


While there are enormous problems facing millions of people in all parts of the world, I live my life by the principle of helping those right around us, particularly those that need it most. When I was 14 I found myself without a father, without financial resources, and in the position of being the only one to take care of my mother, who had become severely ill due to an infection in her heart valve. When she was admitted into the hospital for open heart surgery, I was left alone to fend for myself, my animals and to take care of her. When my mum slipped into a coma, I was told that she would never wake up, and the doctors told me that I needed to prepare for the worst.  However, I always believed deep down that she would be ok, and she ended up waking up after 20 days.


Today her condition is better, but she has had to undergo multiple surgeries since then, and requires me being there for her whenever she needs me. I am her caretaker, but, I don’t like to call it that because it is not a job to me, she is my best friend.


I realize me taking care of my mother may not be the most high profile of acts but to myself and others in the same position, we realize that sometimes the place you are needed the most is right next to you, and in my case, my mum. Going through what I have, I’ve been able to see the world from a different perspective. I know the feeling of having a distant parent, or the disappointment when you can’t put dinner on the table, or the struggles of not having a home. I have experienced the isolation of a community, but also the help from friends. It’s an incredible feeling when somebody actually tries to reach out and make a difference and help. I know what that help has done for me, and I want to be the helping others in the future. It is the best feeling in the world to have helped someone and to feel loved by someone, which is what truly matters in this wonderful life.


I’m dedicating my life to helping others. I want to remind everyone, the children I nanny for or anyone that may be following me on my journey, that Beauty with a Purpose is realistic for all of us. You don’t need financial resources or a crown on your head to make a difference, it just takes one step at a time, no matter how small those steps might be.


My purpose began to take shape during a critical period of my youth. Who I am today does stem from the fact that, I haven’t known anything other than what my life has been, experiences which have truly defined who I am, and they have clearly shown me what I want to do with my life. Representing the United States at miss world has given me a platform I could never have imagined. This opportunity has given me reassurance that I will continue to dedicate my life to helping others, and impact more of the world, in addition to those right in front of me.

Thank you.


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Each week, BWP will present a new in-depth report on one of the many charity projects worldwide that has benefitted from the work of Julia Morley and the support of Beauty with a Purpose. Keep watching this space for more details on these special features.

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