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Of all the Latin American countries, Bolivia is second maternal death from cancer of the cervix, this disease is the leading cause of death in women of childbearing age, unlike other cancers, this can be prevented by sensitization and awareness programs to the vulnerable population for the test that could save your life, as long as you do it at the right time made.

While social determinants such as socioeconomic status, education, access to health, play an important role in the onset of this disease, currently in our country are state services and others that provide this test for free, the largest problem for these centers, lack of timely assistance to the controls (10 women just 1 PAP is performed) and greater assistance when and little can be done, because it raises the national percentages of morbidity of this disease in women.

No woman should die from cervical cancer, you could change history, making early detection test at least once every year.

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This project was conceived as an initiative and in response to the concern expressed by Mr. Mayor of Cercado and other health authorities, to the cold and high statistical figures showing a reality concerning this disease, I live in a town south of Bolivia where every family has had a death from this disease. This needed I decided and join the need for greater awareness and be shared with all the population, not just women.

Dance, music, elements, movements of Arabic dance are important to motivate and incentivize this call to "dance" complement, has the ability to change, relax and above all harmonizes body and soul.

It is call also allow other actors such as the Health Services that provide this care, being there present, to deliver care pages that attendees can use to attend tested.

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The project completion time is one week, distributed in the acquisition of T-shirts with the logo of the project, the invitation through the press for the event at the first’s weeks of November 2016 made.

Prior to the presentation of this project profile has been conducted coordination meetings with the sponsoring authorities of this project is the Municipality of Fencing city of Tarija Capital, who arranged through the Department of Human Development, providing all the support and inputs necessary for the realization of this event to be a success.

It is planned to install around the park where the Event tents primary health care was made, and where the chips for the PAP test is distributed, all these activities are the responsibility of the municipality.


The project is to identify a need for our people because of the lack of annual gynecological checkups, where women can prevent diseases which later progress to cervical cancer. We need women in Bolivia see the gynecological tests as normal in the life of a woman, because, see some taboo, they considered strange to do so.

Dance is a powerful tool for human growth, with which I get to give a message to all women of my country to annual tests are carried out with the purpose of lowering the death rate from this cancer and subsequently off the list cervical cancer deaths in Latin America. Body movement reflects, then, emotional states in a process of psychophysical integration, being a concomitant of psychic life. From this, by a display fair it is possible to achieve changes in life with only intended to "change history".

With the help of the Municipality of Fencing Capital city of Tarija, I will have the support and collaboration to popularize the message.

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