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Children of Foundation Rocio Cabriza

2010 - Egni Eckert - PARAGUAY

Foundation “Rocío Cabriza" - Helps children suffering from leukemia

Project Objectives
The Foundation established in memory of Rocio Celeste Cabriza Doldán that will benefit the welfare of children and families, the project's objectives are:
•    To assist with the Miss Paraguay, jointly with the community to improve living conditions of children suffering from leukemia or extreme situation of relative poverty that go to the foundation.
•    Promote and / or develop assistance programs for girls, boys and adolescents in a family environment, social and community work with emphasis on health, education, culture and social asístanse

•    Foundation currently has more than 110 children with leukemia, who expect the cooperation of people of good will.
Opportunities that children receive
•    Children have the opportunity to continue his chemotherapy treatments because of the donations it receives, in addition to the institution inculcate values such as solidarity and respect.

Achievements to date
•    Cash donations.
•    Donations of food and medicines through the prosecution of the city of Luque - Paraguay.
•    Gifts of toys and clothes for the children at the shelter.

A todo Pulmón - Paraguay Respira (Full Lung - Paraguay Breathe)
With all its lungs, Paraguay is breathing

Eco-regions Global 200
Atlantic WWF scientists have identified the 238 most biologically important places on Earth; something like Noah's ark. They are called "Global 200", and the Upper Parana Atlantic Forest Eco-region is one of them.

Advancement of Deforestation

  • Initially there were 9,000,000 hectares of forest in this area in Paraguay.
  • Deforestation was about the size of Central Department for year.
  • Currently, there are only approximately one million three hundred thousand hectares left of the original nine million.
  • Until 2004, Paraguay had the highest rate of deforestation in The Americas, and the second highest rate of deforestation in the world.

Zero Deforestation Law and awareness campaigns
Thanks to the hard work of citizens, and the effectiveness of the Zero Deforestation Law, deforestation has been drastically lowered to a rate of only eight thousand hectares per year, since 2004.

What now? How and why the campaign arises

  • The campaign is an initiative by the Director of the Ñanduti Radio Station, and it is supported by all sectors of Paraguayan society.
  • We want to plant 14 million trees in a task where the whole society will be involved
  • We want to restore the Upper Parana Atlantic Forest, creating biological corridors connecting forest blocks that were cut off.
  • 85% of reforestation will be for the reconstruction of the Atlantic Forest and 15% for the rest of the country.

This initiative is bringing together environmental organizations, government entities and non-governmental local and international agencies and partners throughout the population. The name of the campaign will be "A todo Pulmón, Paraguay respira"

Types of reforestation: With native species, With exotic species, Mixed

What is the forest about?
•    Forest = Production
•    Forest = Health
•    Forest = Biodiversity
•    Forest = Drinking Water
•    Forest = mitigates climate, and controls rainfall
•    Forest = Economic benefits - Carbon Capture

Time for the completion of the project
•    The implementation of this project will last approximately 1 year, in which seedlings will be collected, and sites for planting, land preparation and planting will be selected.

Benefits to the country
Paraguay will restore one of the most bio diverse eco-regions in the world, while improving the quality of the environment and daily life. Reforestation will:
•    Conserve and protect the Guarani Aquifer, one of the largest fresh-water reserves left in the world.
•    Protect endemic flora and fauna
•    Maintain traditional cultures
•    Improve overall fertility of the soil
•    Create possibilities for land-owners to trade carbon credits

Positioning the country
•    Paraguay will obtain recognitions of international importance.
•    The support of all sectors of the society will be a reason for the country to unite around a common national cause.
•    Paraguay will acquire a reputation of a country concerned about the environmental balance.
•    Its products will be appreciated as coming from a country that works in harmony with nature.
•    The environmental reputation helps foster international cooperation and interest.
•    With economic intention and conservation in perpetuity
•    The locals should be the main protagonists of the enterprise

The campaign
•    The campaign was launched on April 4th, 2009, in a large public ceremony in Asunción
•    This campaign is not just about planting trees, but to rebuild forests, provide jobs, improve public spaces and restore quality of life.
•    The support for the campaign has been amazing, from all different sectors: public organizations, civil society organizations and Paraguayan citizens around the country are already participating to achieve this goal.
•    It is the first time in history that Paraguay, as a country, is involved in this type of environmental project.

Resource department
•    It would be the area responsible for motivating people to support this initiative and to donate their time, money, supplies, etc.
•    This area must submit a plan to get the resources.
•    The Department of human resources and the volunteer must rely upon this area.
•    Different resources to achieve: Media/Journalists/Advertising/Creative/Production, Donations of money, species, seedlings, etc., Donating time or voluntary work organization

Seedlings department
•    This area is responsible for making an inventory of all the nurseries in the country, whether public or private. They will be in charge of determinig:
•     How many seedlings we have for the plantations' dates.
•    How many seedlings of native and exotic species are needed,
•    The price of the seedlings,
•    The location of nurseries.
•    They will be also in charge of advising on how to make nurseries to prepare seedlings and that they become a source of work.

Where to plant department
This department should advise and tell where it is advisable to plant the seedlings, either due to technical reasons, or because there are people who can do the planting. It focuses on the following criteria:
a) If the site is of interest to rebuild the forest (this is the case of forests)
b) If propety owners, the community, and officials are excited and will look after the plantings. This area should be in contact with all the influential people where the saplings will be planted (governorship, municipality, local leaders)
This area should advise and tell you where it is advisable to plant the seedlings, either by technical subject, or because there are people who could do the planting.

Legal department
This department is responsible for determining the roles of the organization. It can receive donations and issue receipts to law, enter into agreements with landowners or city halls, governors, etc.

Communication department
•    This department comunicates all citizens that the project is being held and incentivates them to participate in it.
•    The comunication has to take place within the organanizers and the public.
•    The press department depends upon this area.

Technical consultancy department
This area should advise on which species of trees should be planted in each specific site, which would be the best methodology and what care should be taken during their growth.

International department
It is the area responsible for getting international support and cooperation of different institutions, whether public or private. Cooperation could take place in training, organization, donations, etc.

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