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Beauty with a Purpose Winner 2012 Vanya Mishra

Whilst there is a universal recognition that traditional formal schooling in India needs to change, attempts at reform have largely ignored the transactions that occur in the classroom between teacher and student. These are at the very heart of the educational process.

Muktangan is an educational programme that offers alternatives to orthodox educational practices. The project seeks to offer a sustainable model of quality education at an affordable cost for the economically deprived sections of the society.

Muktangan, an initiative of Paragon Charitable Trust, is a pioneering educational programme with an innovative model, working in close partnership with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and a number of NGOs across the country.

To evolve sustainable, replicable inclusive models of quality child-centered teacher education and school programmes in partnership with marginalized communities and to advocate them to the larger system.

An inclusive, empowered world in which all live in harmony with freedom of expression, respect and integrity.

High-quality, affordable English medium education is currently provided to 1800 children, annually adding 300 children across 7 Municipal (MCGM) Schools in Mumbai as all 7 schools add a higher standard each year until they reach SSC between 2013 and 2017.

Children develop independent thinking through experiential learning and inquiry.
180 local members drawn from communities have been trained & are employed as teachers with 50 more being added every year.
5 of our 7 schools are headed by teachers trained by us, thereby realizing the goal of community sustainability.
Trainer of Trainers Programme trained participants from 20 NGOs across India in the methodology and implementation of our model.
MCGM’s satisfaction with our model led to our undertaking the running of 7 of their schools and consultancy being offered to Naandi Foundation for running 30 more.
The Education Model is at the cutting edge of transforming education in India with its relevance recognized by Government, NGOs, educationists, community leaders and parents.
Partners have included Maharashtra Dyslexia Association, Ummeed Child Development and Remedial Centre, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Nirmala Niketan, Teach for India Programme and ARK – an UK-based organization for their School Leaders India Programme.
Teachers have become empowered community change agents whilst our parents participate regularly in their children’s education.
Enthusiastic, committed teachers and smiling faces of confident children sum up all our schools.

A fun-oriented, child-centered curriculum with suitably designed classrooms.
The Inclusion of all children, regardless of ability.
A student-teacher ratio of less than 15:1 enables individual attention to be given to each child.
Teachers attend daily reflective, lesson planning meetings to bring the syllabus alive.

Vanya Mishra visited and worked with the Muktangan school and teacher training Institute this year. She interacted with the kids and teachers engaging herself in meaningful activities in the school.

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