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Beauty with a Purpose

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Irene Skliva - Miss World 1996


Beauty With A Purpose

Irene Skliva - Greece

Variety Clubs International benefit from the auction of gifts brought by contestants

Almost since its inception the Miss World Pageant has been associated with charitable fund-raising. Up to 1969 this was confined to activities in the United Kingdom, mostly with the Variety Club of Great Britain.

It was in 1970, when Julia Morley joined her husband Eric in the organisation of the pageant, that she coined the phrase “Beauty With a Purpose” and extended the fund raising world wide, encouraging each country to raise enough money through their National Pageants to be spent on the disadvantaged children in their own countries.

Over the years over US$150-million has been raised for this purpose. During each pageant a Charity Event is held which enables those attending to contribute towards the causes. This year it was a lunch with President Mandela, generously sponsored by Sun International. At this lunch, gifts brought by the contestants were auctioned and raffled, the proceeds being divided between the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and Variety Clubs International, an international organisation that helps children in deprived areas world wide.

Variety Clubs International is an international children’s charity, and was favoured as the recipient of the funds from the Miss World pageants because of the help it provides to disadvantaged and disabled children – from supplying them a limb, to a heart operation or a piece of life-saving equipment. In addition, Variety Clubs International prides itself on its extremely low administrative costs, which means more money to assist children.

In 1991 Beauty with a Purpose came to Africa. Since then the Miss World pageant has raised more than R1-million to support South Africa’s largest hunger relief organisation, Operation Hunger.

During last year Variety Clubs International raised over R150-million to help children world wide. The British Tent was the major fund raiser with over R40-million in contributions. Julia Morley was the Chief Barker (Chairman) of the tent and because of the tent’s success she was asked to serve for a second year.

Eric Morley is a past Chief Barker and served as International President for two years. Julia is a President and vice president, so they are both involved with charity fund raising work all through the year. Both wish to pay tribute to Sun International for their continuous support of the Beauty with a Purpose theme.

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