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Agbani Darego - Miss World 2001

See The World Through The Eyes of Miss World 2001 - AGBANI DAREGO

There are certain events in life which shapes and experience beyond immediate imagination. I believe that winning the Miss World Pageant is one of such events. The moment I was crowned Miss World I was ushered into a new experience of honour, respect, challenge and relationships of wide ranging dimensions.


For me in particular it was such a hallowing experience as I became the first Black African lady to be crowned Miss World. I was sincerely overwhelmed by the new status and expectations that accompany such a crown. I must say at once that I was determined to ensure that I lived up to those expectations and by the grace of God I look back a whole year with a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.


I had the opportunity like many of my predecessors to travel extensively and indeed, visited a number of countries which included Puerto Rico, Scotland, the United States of America, Germany, Italy, PR China, Spain and France which I visited often because of my role as the new L’Oreal International Girl.


Undoubtedly, travelling in that capacity gave me the opportunity of seeing the best of those countries as well as observing the challenges which highlight concerns for children, the sick and the needy in general. This experience has increased the depth of my awareness and concern for the under privileged people of our society.


My engagement with and participation in charity orientated projects through the Miss World Organisation and the Variety Club has renewed my commitment to continue to work for the welfare and well being of others who are not as privileged as some of us, even after my period of reign as Miss World.


Looking back to the whole year as Miss World, I can rightly say that it was a great learning experience and has provided a major inspiration to work hard in order to excel in any area of ones chosen vocation in life.


As my reign comes to an end I must express my profound gratitude and appreciation to everyone who has contributed to the success of my reign as Miss World, I am particularly grateful to my family whose love and support remains vital to my life development, to the Miss World Organisation which provided the standard channel for realising the aims and objectives of being Miss World and exercising the motto Beauty With A Purpose and to God whom I shall always remain grateful to for crowning my life with his love.

Agbani Darego - Miss World 2001

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