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Beauty with a Purpose

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Unnur Birna Vilhjalmsdottir - Miss World 2005
UB visits a retirement home in Wales
UB visits a retirement home in Wales
UB in Poland

A year in the life of Miss World 2005 Unnur Birna Vilhjalmsdottir

Being crowned Miss World is a life enhancing experience that can leave you fulfilled and exhilarated - and just a little bit dizzy! With the title comes a great responsibility, and that has definitely influenced my reign.

Following my crowning in China on 10 December 2005, I have travelled far and wide to represent the many good works that are done in the name of Miss World.

Nothing can prepare you for the kindness and love you receive from the people you meet. Or for the suffering and courage that you see in the eyes of those in hospitals, care homes or suffering from poverty.

Over the past 56 years the crown has become a symbol of hope and opportunity for millions of people.

Working under the banner of 'Beauty with a Purpose', the Miss World Organisation has raised more than $400 million for charity and good causes, and in this year alone we have raised $10 million.

For me the most incredible and rewarding experiences have been when we have been working to make a genuine difference to just some of the many people in need of love and care around the world.

One of my proudest moments this year was hosting a 24hr telethon in the US in aid of Variety - The Children's Charity. In just one day we generated more than $3.6m to help critically ill, underprivileged and special needs children.

Sometimes it is a major project like that. At other times it is by sitting at the bedside of a sick child and seeing the courage in their eyes, as I have done so often on recent visits to Poland, Sweden and the United States. These are some of the most special moments of my life. When you see the smile on the face of a child, you know that you have made a significant difference.

I know that I cannot change the world. But I can do something important for individual people. Working with the Miss World Organisation, we can help change their lives for the better.

That is an important role for anyone, whoever you are. No effort is meaningless. If I move at least one heart, I will think to myself: "You've done it. You've done your best."

I am proud to have made a contribution this year and to have met so many people of incredible courage and great strength of character.

I am conscious that I am following in the footsteps of the many previous Miss Worlds who, with great determination and commitment, set standards that all young women can look up to in years to come.

UB in Poland UB visits children's hospital in Poland UB in Poland
UB in Poland UB visits children's hospital in Poland UB visits children's hospital in Poland

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Each week, BWP will present a new in-depth report on one of the many charity projects worldwide that has benefitted from the work of Julia Morley and the support of Beauty with a Purpose. Keep watching this space for more details on these special features.



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