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Beauty with a Purpose

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Pilin Leon - Miss World 1981

Beauty with a Purpose

By Paul Lee

(Organizer of Miss Malaysia Beauty Pageant)

Julia Morley
Julia Morley and Pilin Leon

‘Beauty with a Purpose’ the Miss World Theme, was adopted by Julia Morley, Managing Director and International President of Miss World Limited, as a phrase to impress on all our Title Holders.

Julia wanted Miss World and the others to understand that apart from the commercial aspect of the titles, the glamour and benefits which they would bring them, their titles could also be used whenever possible to the benefit of underprivileged and handicapped children throughout the world.

This year Julia Morley and Miss World have visited many countries endorsing our Theme of ‘Beauty with a Purpose’. Alongside commercial personal appearances, organized for Miss World, Julia has arranged in each country visited , special fund raising events, to help the underprivileged and handicapped children of that country.

The Miss World Contest is the only International Contest of its kind to have adopted a “Purpose” Theme. Our “Beauty” is Miss World herself, our “Purpose” is to help children throughout the World, and the person who is there to ensure the two combine, making ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ is Julia Morley, its creator

Here you see Julia surrounded by the World’s children, from just some of the many children’s homes and hospitals, around the World, which she and Pilin Leon, the reigning Miss World have visited.

On all her visits overseas, covering over 500,000 miles, Miss World has been accompanied by Julia Morley.

Apart from their official duties, no opportunity has been lost to enhance our theme of “Beauty with a Purpose” and practically every country visited has resulted in charity fund-raising, and other activities to help deprived and handicapped children, plus visits to children’s hospitals and homes.

Readers of past Miss World Souvenir Programmes will have read of children being flown to London for heart surgery, replacement of limbs, and any other help we could give.

The 25th anniversary of the Miss World Contest saw the presentation of Sunshine Coaches to twenty-five different countries for use by disabled children and others.

Kidney Units have been bought, and money was raised for the Computerized Bone Marrow Scanner at Westminster Hospital. With Miss World coming from Venezuela most of its neighbours, who also participate in the Miss World Visit to Kamping Tawas School for the Physically Handicapped Contest, arranged for tours of their countries by Miss World.

On one such tour, in El Salvador, Miss World and Julia visited numerous hospitals where Julia discovered twenty children who had lost limbs and had no means of mobility. This resulted in a telephone call from Julia to me in the middle of the night, informing me that twenty wheelchairs were urgently needed. In a matter of hours, I telephoned the Chairman of Variety Club International Charity Committee, Fred Danz. A hurried consultation with his Committee resulted, and Fred had authorized the first five of the twenty wheelchairs, to test if they would reach El Salvador safely and if they did, the other fifteen would follow quickly. However, Julia was intent on making sure that all twenty arrived. She found out that she could get the chairs from Guatemala and that this was the quickest and cheapest way of getting them to El Salvador. Within a matter of two to three weeks, twenty handicapped Children were riding around in wheelchairs. All credit to Variety Club International and all credit to Julia for bringing the matter to their attention.

The story does not stop there, for a great number of limbs are required for these youngsters, in El Salvador. The Variety Club International Limb Bank in Toronto, Canada, under the joint chairmanship of Sam Shipowitz and Frank Strean, is studying whether it is better to send to El Salvador whole limbs or the material to make them from.

So we say to all the contestants competing for the Miss World title here tonight, that truly, the Miss World Contest does live up to its theme of ‘Beauty with a Purpose’.

Variety International and ourselves can only give a lead, and it is up to every country to create their own fund-raising activity to help their own children. If however we can assist in any way, to inspire them to that, then both our organizations will go out of their way to create the spark that will light what, we hope, will be a very big fire. A fire which will create the wish in the hearts of all people, to join together and do all they can to alleviate the suffering of deprived and handicapped children.



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