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Beauty with a Purpose

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Lisa Hanna - Miss World 1993

Lisa at Variety Club children's party celebrating Gold Heart Day


Miss World & Beauty with a Purpose

Lisa Hanna - Jamaica


AND MISS WORLD 1993 IS MISS JAMAICA…’ That announcement changed my life. Winning this prestigious title was the beginning of a personal and spiritual adventure which I will never forget. In the pursuit of my Miss World duties, I have met wonderful people and been privileged to attend many memorable events around the world. Two which immediately spring to mind are the inauguration of President Nelson Mandela in South Africa and, and meeting the King of Swaziland. Reflecting on the past year, I am once again reminded of the awesome responsibility of living up to the motto Beauty with a Purpose. My goal was to become a symbol of love and hope to the less fortunate children of the world. My commitment to help the handicapped and disabled was inspired by members of the Miss World Organisation who encouraged me to become involved with the Variety Club charities in Europe and America, and Operation Hunger in South Africa. Through my work, I have tried to promote mutual understanding, compassion and love for one’s fellow man. The satisfaction gained by trying to make a difference has given me the motivation to continue helping the less fortunate after I relinquish my title.

During my reign, I had the opportunity to broaden my cultural horizons and visit many diff e rent countries – among them Colombia, Spain, Mauritius, South Africa, Iceland, Israel, Germany and the USA. The love, kindness and graciousness shown to me during my travels made my job even more enjoyable, and the experience I gained contributed to my overall growth and development as a socially responsible adult. All these experiences, and the network of friends I have made, have given me renewed emotional strength and confidence to go out into the world and take on my next challenge. As I leave the Miss World stage, I would like to thank the Morley’s, my chaperones, my hosts around the world and the government and people of Jamaica for their love, support and faith in me. I will try my best to continue promoting and teaching the principles of Beauty with a Purpose.

To all the contestants, I commend you courage and enthusiasm in representing your countries. I hope the pageant will be an enjoyable occasion and that you will take home precious memories. To Miss World 1994, I send you love and happiness. Always remember this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; like a candle, hold it make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it over to the future.

Love always,

Lisa Hana

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