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Without a doubt, Miss World is the only beauty competition in the world where heart, compassion, and social service, play a bigger role in the contestants’ activities and in determining who will become Miss World than anything physical.

Whilst in Haikou, as a special treat for the contestants, each delegate was paired with their own families and children, who they were able to spend the day with sharing stories and swapping life experiences. Each family and child was a surprise for the contestants as they were given a number and to whichever family there number happened to match, they were paired with!

Family Day in Haikou

With the children, the contestants spent time drawing and learning Chinese, many of whom were so touched by being able to interact and share love with underprivileged children.

Miss Georgia, who was paired with a boisterous but adorable child later said, “I love being with kids and whenever I am participating in children’s charities, I always seem to attract children who were much like myself when I was younger – kids with lots of energy and high emotion. I guess it’s my destiny to work with kids!”

Argentina, Colombia, Australia, Bermuda, Aruba, Albania

Believe it or not, many of the children actually cried upon seeing the contestants, both out of awe and confusion. For many of the young children participating in the event, it was there first time meeting a non-Chinese person, which proved to be quite a confronting experience. Miss Namibia said, “My child was a bit afraid and cried when she first saw me with my curly hair but once we started interacting and I got to learn some of her skills and expertise, she totally warmed up to me. It was an incredible feeling to see that with dialogue and compassion, communication in any language is possible!”

Norway, Peru, Poland, Samoa

Miss Seychelles said meeting the families was her most touching experience ever, stating “While we didn’t share a common language, we communicated through drawing which was just incredible! I picked up some Chinese along the way too – Xie Xie!”

Kazakhstan, Guyana

All in all, the experience was exceptionally heartwarming, not only for the contestants, but for all families and children involved.

Nicaragua, Croatia, El Salvador

After a wonderful day in Haiku, the contestants boarded the train back to Sanya, where they had to get an early night ahead of the Sunday Parade! More on that later!

We hope to see you again Haikou!

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