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Yesterday Miss World showed her compassionate side spending time with children at a local hospital whilst on her visit to Puerto Rico, playing, drawing and bringing light to them during troubling times.

The San Jorge Children’s Hospital in Santurce cares for children suffering a variety of illnesses, and Miss World’s first stop was to the oncology ward, where she met 12 year old Saul Bonilla recovering from surgery and suffering from an infected lung. The eighth grader’s mother described her son’s reaction to meeting Miss World, saying “his eyes almost came out when he saw her” and was over come when he had the chance to play video games with her.

Miss World @ San Jorge Hospital : Photo - Luis Alcalá del Olmo

For Mireia these little connections come naturally, having spent her summers working at camps for children. “I’ve always been a very sensitive person, with the elderly and children... Arriving here I was a little shocked by some of the things I have seen, but then one becomes stronger. It is tough, but I came here prepared to bring enjoyment to these children.”

Throughout the day Mireia had the chance to spend time with many children, including 14 year old Alejandro Arana. Their shared love of Barcelona FC was the thread of conversation as they worked on a drawing together.

Miss World in Puerto Rico : Visiting the San Jorge Hospital - March 2016Miss World @ San Jorge Hospital : Photo - Luis Alcalá del Olmo

9 year old Leylianys Sandoval, Who suffers from Histiotitosis, presented Mireia with a gift at her parting, a canvas portrait of Mireia created by several of the patients, as a token of appreciation and also something for her to remember her visit by. “Leylianys, this beautiful girl, has given me this gift... and it will be a great memory of these children.”

Miss World @ San Jorge Hospital

Summing up her experience, Mireia said  "It was a great experience. It is the first time I have visited a hospital like this. It is quite shocking at times, to see what these kids are going through, but I am glad I can bring some joy to their lives, even if it is for one day.”


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