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Reigning Miss World has had a busy weekend, raising awareness, donating funds, fronting a charity drive and enjoying a music festival, all at the invitation of Vietnamese Pharmaceutical Businessman & entrepreneur and California resident Kieu Hoang.

Arriving in California Thursday afternoon, Miss World had a packed schedule of appearances joining Mr Hoang on a tour of local non-profit medical clinics serving the poor within the community. These visits included substantial donations to help fund their good work, and pledges for future donations from Beauty with a Purpose and Mr Hoang. Kieu Hoang has pledged 20% of his net worth to charities where he “can see the results”, and this recent tour of organisations is just that; to see the work being done ahead of donating vital funds. Miss World has a history of working alongside Mr Hoang, who wants to align his charitable aims with those of Beauty with a Purpose, to work together in enriching others lives.

“Friday was a really interesting day for me,” said Miss World, continuing: “We had the pleasure of visiting several great medical facilities that care for the communities’ under-privileged, offering a variety of free healthcare services. I was touched by the dedication of the workers in all of these places. As a pharmaceutical student I have some knowledge of medicine and what people need, and these facilities are simply vital for some of these people.”

Presenting a cheque to the Free Clinic of Simi Valley.

In total, over $50,000 was donated to 4 different medical centres including $20,000 to The Samaritan Centre of Simi Valley. Mr Hoang remarked that he was pleased that the Free Clinic of Simi Valley is actually “Free”.

As Saturday dawned, the main event of the trip was about to unfold, the 4th Annual ROUND UP – A Rockin’ Country Music Extravaganza at Hummingbird Nest, the Napa Valley Ranch owned by Mr Hoang.

A non-stop country party, the festival has a charitable side with not only the donations and visits of the day before but also a “Round-Up Against Hunger”, a food drive encouraging revellers to bring food donations to help feed those bellow the breadline in the Simi Valley and surrounding areas.

Round Up Against Hunger - Round-Up Festival, Sat 16th April, 2016

“The festival was such good fun!” Said Mireia, “Not only was the sun shining, the music glorious, and the people brilliant, but the atmosphere around the food drive was just so inspiring. As one of those helping to collect donations, it was amazing to see the enthusiasm and openness of those partaking, this realty is a beautiful region!”

All-in-all it was a successful weekend. Charitable causes with tangible results funded, immediate resources of food provided to the hungry, and a festival in the sun to round it off!



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