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Reigning Miss World Mireia Lalaguna praised the amazing work of Smile Train Africa yesterday, presenting a cheque of 1.2million KES ($12,000), touring one of their centres and meeting key members of the team.

Miss World, alongside Miss World CEO Julia Morley and MW2015 2nd RU Maria Harfanti (Indonesia) are currently on a week-long tour of Kenya, and yesterday travelled to the Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital in Nairobi to witness the dedication of the Smile Train charity, which offers cleft lip and palate surgery here for children.

The Miss World delegation at the Gertrude's Children's Hospital in Kenya to visit Smile Train patients, a project that sponsors Cleft Palate patients

Mireia with a child from the Gertrude's Children's Hospital

Maria Harfanti, Miss Indonesia 2015 & MW2015 2nd RU with a beneficiary of the Smile Train program

Miss World Kenya 2016 Roshanara Ebrahim with Miss World Kenya National Director Terry Mungai

Miss World Kenya 2014 Idah Nguma’s Beauty with a Purpose project was one of five which really impressed the judges at Miss World 2014, and yesterday’s visit was to see first-hand the work done and present a prize cheque to the charity for Idah’s hard work.

Miss World presenting a cheque to the Smile Train Org for 1.2Mil Kenyan Shillings, a prize for Idah Nguma's Beauty with a Purpose project in 2014.

L-R: Julia Morley, Mireia Lalaguna, Maria Harfanti, Idah NgumaL-R: Julia Morley, Mireia Lalaguna, Maria Harfanti, Idah Nguma

Maria Harfanti, speaking at the press conference

Dr. Esther Njoroge, the Regional Director for Smile Train Africa, speaking at a press conference

Receiving the cheque on behalf of Smile Train was International Chief Programs Officer Satish Kalra and Regional Director for Africa Dr. Esther Njoroge.

"Thank you so much. May all the hands that gave this gift receive so much more!" said Dr. Njoroge at the press conference, continuing "This will go a long way in supporting the work we are doing here in Kenya for children born with cleft lip and palate, restoring their smiles, reuniting families and building communities... We want Miss World to experience first hand the people who have been touched by Smile Train"

Miss World CEO Julia Morley said "We are here to honour the great work Smile Train is doing and we are so proud of Idah for getting involved with such a great cause. These children have had a hard star to life, and its places like this which can really help them reach their true potential.”

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